Best EPS Casino

The EPS transactions are quite fast and coupled with security, that is one of the most appealing aspects of the service. With EPS Casino you will be provided with online support, ready to answer 24/7/365.


How safe is it to use EPS?

It’s a secure payment method. The platform uses the best security software to monitor everything that happens, as well as a crew to monitor every transaction. It has the finest security this type of platform can have because it is administered and regulated by Austrian banks and the government.

How do I open an EPS account?

You can do so on the official site by ensuring that your bank supports the service.

Do all of the casinos take EPS?

No, not every casino does. Only Austrian internet casinos have access to the platform, and only a subset of Austrian banks offer the service.

Are there any charges?

Yes, but just a minor amount that is more than compensated for by the platform’s level of security.

How fast do EPS transactions happen?

They are quite fast. That, coupled with security, is one of the most appealing aspects of the service.